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Since 2011, the Korah team has been providing professional IT services for major Canadian corporations operating in the telecommunications and financial sectors. As such, our team is highly skilled in technology integration, legacy modernization, system architecture design, application development, quality assurance, project management and more!

As of 2017, the Korah team has developed and launched ccRobot, a conversational workflow platform powered by AI and ML, into production. Our vision for ccRobot is to drive the operational economy, efficiency, and effectiveness of any organization by automating simple and repetitive workflows. Thus, enhancing overall customer experience, increasing worker productivity, and reducing labour costs for all clients. Coupling ccRobot ’s capabilities and our team ’s technical expertise, we can guarantee an on-time, within budget, and excellent quality solution that will return results in as little as 3 weeks!

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Ontario Government
Service Canada
Region of Durham
Government of Canada
Future Buildings

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